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A Stylish, Intimate Desert Elopement Held in Phoenix, Arizona

Pheonix, Arizona

December 21, 2021

bride and groom standing in front of body of water

A stylish, intimate desert elopement held in Phoenix, Arizona. Aja and Mark reached out to me when they decided to take the leap and elope. Moving from two different states to be together, they decided to begin their new journey in Arizona with an elopement.

We considered many different parks in the Phoenix Valley, and they came to the decision to have their intimate elopement ceremony at the beautiful Papago Park. I scouted out various locations in the park to share with Aja and Mark to find the perfect ceremony location. Aja arrived in a white limousine while Mark waited by the lake for their first look. Then, they had their intimate elopement ceremony by the lake, surrounded by their closest family.

bride and groom first look surrounded by a body of water and palm trees

Afterwards, we explored the red rocks that surround Papago Park and enjoyed the views until sunset. Papago Park is home to the popular 'Hole in the Rock' landmark.

Their intimate elopement was full of elegance, love, and everlasting memories. Aja's elegant elopement wedding dress is seen in @wearetheweddingcollective. It was truly stunning and a gorgeous modern style that complimented Aja and Mark's elopement ceremony.

flower girls handing over ring to bride for groom

bride and groom holding each other in front car

Are you and your partner thinking about eloping? Check out my work and contact me, I'd love to celebrate with you.

bride touching her face with hand while posing for photos

bride sitting on desert rocks while posing for photos

bride holding flower bouquet while posing for photos in front of desert rocks

groom kissing bride while posing for photo in front of desert landscape

groom holding bride while both sitting and posing for photos on desert rocks

groom smiling and posing in front of desert rock formation

bride and groom hiking up desert rocks in black and white photo


"Chelsea made our elopement magical. She is attentive, creative, and prioritized making our day uniquely us. She helped us find an ideal and romantic location and provided easy information to make our last minute decision to elope a reality. We have beautiful, lasting memories of our special day all thanks to her. Our photos are stylish and fashionable and make my heart smile every time we see them."

- Aja & Mark

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